Drama Club


You don’t have to be a performer, this club covers interests in all fields of the theater. Perhaps you prefer the behind the scenes world of lights and sound, or maybe you’re a born costumer, or there’s even a place for construction in the world of set building! bring all the skills you were born with and become Lake Region’s newest star!

Club Sponsor

Department Heads

Lighting – Timothy Breckinridge (DH)
Sound – Sadira Dickson (DH) Sydney Inman (AH)
Costume –
Props – Monica Rodriguez (DH)
Backstage – Monica Rodriguez (AH)
Sets –
Marketing/Front House –
Fundraising/Events – Madisen McGraw (DH)

How to Join

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Meetings are held on Monday from 3:15pm to 4:15pm and alternate between Room 2202 and the Auditorium.