Freshman Transition Information

Dear Students and Families,

We are very excited to have you coming to Lake Region High School next year. As a rising freshman, there will be many opportunities for a variety of classes, Academy Membership, participation in clubs, sports, and the school community.

The first opportunity for your student is the selection of the elective courses they are interested in taking. The deadline for entering elective requests is MARCH 17, 2021 AT 2PM

The elective classes are listed on the google form and information about them can be found by watching the student produced video about our academies and electives. Link to the   student produced video:

Please view information for graduation requirements provided by our school counselor team at

Academic classes (English, Math, and Science) for all freshmen will be determined based on the District’s Course Progression plan.  Once all the academic and elective courses have been entered into the student information system on the computer, we will send home via email/portal a copy for student and parent/guardian review.

The deadline for entering elective requests is

MARCH 17, 2021 AT 2PM

LINK to the to the google registration form for selecting elective:

If you have technology issues the form can be printed, completed, and sent to LRHS.


Lake Region High School Guidance and Administration Team