New LRHS App!

Lake Region High School…  There’s an app for that!

Eagle Lake, FL (09/03/2020)

Lake Region High School announced today the launch of the Lake Region High School app by SchoolInfoApp which is now available for iOS™, Android™, and Windows™ devices. The app enables parents, students, faculty and staff with the ability to stay connected and informed about what’s happening at Lake Region High School. Administrators can now easily promote unified messaging through cross platform communications to the app, via push notifications and social media.

The Lake Region High School app by SchoolInfoApp is free and provides parents with quick access to everything school-related including calendars, directions to events, contact information for teachers and administrators, important documents, cafeteria menus, and more. Students have the opportunity to display their ID badge on their mobile device with the My ID feature and keep up with their homework, upcoming tests and projects by using the My Assignments digital assignment book. Lake Region High School is going to be much more advanced with the addition of the Lake Region High School app by the award-winning SchoolInfoApp.

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